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How do I access my student’s grades and attendance?
All of this information is available in Skyward Family Access.
How do I contact my student’s teachers and access his or her missing assignments?
All of this information is available in Skyward Family Access.
Where can I access Skyward Family Access?

Skyward Family Access - Renton School District 403 (You will need your login ID and password)

What if I forgot my Skyward login ID and password?
You can contact the main office or email the school counselor to get that information or have your password reset.
How can I improve my student’s grades? 
You can actively communicate with his or her teachers.
You can check his or her missing assignments weekly. For example, choose to check his or her missing assignments in Skyward every Sunday mornin. Print it out or take a picture and make sure those assignments are not still pending the following week.
You can have them attend after school tutoring for language arts or math.
You can have them show you the free tutoring support on his or her Canvas page called 
You can make a designated spot in your house where they do their homework for one hour each day when parents are home.
Once in Skyward how do I access their missing assignments?
Once logged in you will be able to see the classes and grades. If you look at the top it will say “missing events.” You will click on show all and it will list all missing assignments by class.
What other supports are provided at Nelsen?
We have Communities in Schools support staff. This position bridges community support to families within public schools. They can help families with basic needs.
We have academic tutors that help get your student back on track
We have tutors that come from the high school to support students in all core subjects.