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Nelsen Middle School Counseling Team

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive developmental school counseling program and work collaboratively to meet the social, emotional, academic needs of all students while promoting personal growth, self-advocacy, and college and career readiness.

Counselors connect with students to support their academic, social, and emotional needs. Our goal is to support students to reach their full potential and guide them through various times in their life when feelings can become overwhelming. We want our students to become success in all areas of their lives.

Counselors are assigned by student last name.

I become a counselor because I felt like when I was in high school I did not get the support and assistance that I needed and deserved. Sometimes you decide to work in a field that you believe have deficiencies that you can help bridge the gaps. I love advocating for students and making sure that they get everything they need to be successful.
I love to travel. I have been to Spain, Germany and England.

I am originally from California but lived in Las Vegas for 8 years. I am excited to be a part of the Nelsen Middle school team and to call Washington state my home. 

I have always believed that my purpose in life has been to help other navigate through life and this is why I decided to become a school counselor. I believe that students are expected to solely participate in academics while in a school setting, but never have the opportunity to learn life skills and emotional intelligence. My goal is to bring all aspects of life including emotional regulation, financial literacy and positive reframing to our students here at Nelsen all while ensuring that the student feels safe and secure while at school. 

I became a school counselor because I believe these are important years for students to develop a sense of self and individuality. I believe that having conversations about our social and emotional needs during these years will support our youth in developing supportive, healthy, and impactful relation-ships leading into their adult-hood. I also love to just hear their voices and point of view on issues that are showing up during these transitional times, not to mention they keep me young. 
My family and I enjoy anything sports. My children participate in basketball, soccer, and cheer which keeps me plenty busy. We enjoy spending time watching movies together and doing arts and crafts.