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ASB/Core Council


The ASB (Associated Student Body) is an organization through which all students have an opportunity to express their opinions and to participate in the management of certain school enterprises. Each spring a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and representatives from each grade level are elected for the following year.

The ASB Officers form the core for the student council, whose task is to promote leadership, initiative, and self-control among the members of the entire student body. Representative members are elected each fall. In this way, student ideas and suggestions are brought before the student council and information is carried back to the student body.

ASB 2019 - 20 OFFICERS
President: Iz Lahti
Vice President: Amy Diezman
Treasurer: Vy Nguyen
Secretary: Sadie Chhun

8th Grade Historian:

Oliver Talmadge
Phoebe Lam

8th Grade Public Relations:

Victoria Guzman

7th Grade Core Council:

Sophia Waters
Kalkidan Gebre
Lucas Shoemaker
Kale Hendrickson
Aidan McGahee
Emily Clair

7th Grade Public Relations:

Estrella Gonzales
Kathryn Chong
Faith Redmon

6th Grade Core Council:

Evelina Bindas
Kennedy Gresham
Naomi Dent
Kailynn Pittser

6th Grade Public Relations:

Madalynn Ramirez

6th Grade Historian:

Kayleigh Covarrubias